Almaworks Summer Fellowship

Want to join the next Facebook before it leaves the college dorm? Apply for the Almaworks Summer Fellowship and dive into some of the most promising early stage startups around. The Fellowship is an advanced Summer 2016 internship that pairs accepted participants with Almaworks portfolio companies.*

  • Jumpstart your startup career and experience the startup grind firsthand

  • Work with talented student/recent alumni founders 

  • Get exposure to a wide variety of roles 

  • Take charge of tackling exciting problems

  • Potential to move into employee or cofounder roles after fellowship without any hierarchy

  • Learn more in one summer than you've ever had before

Apply to all 18 Almaworks portfolio companies, which cover sectors from healthcare to payments to transportation to barhopping, with just one entry. The deadline to apply is 4/22 at 11:59pm EST. Application is open to students from any accredited U.S. university.

Specific times and compensation are flexible depending on individual startup and role. Learn more about the startups here.



*Please note that the Almaworks Fellowship is a facilitator, not an employer. We simply match up applications with open summer positions at our portfolio companies and are not legally or financially responsible for the actual summer fellowship.