Become a Mentor!


The Program

Are you a highly motivated industry leader with a passion for helping student founders? Apply to be an Almaworks mentor! We are proud to be supported by some of the most influential entrepreneurs and leaders in the NYC startup community.

Please email us at indicating your interest in staying updated on mentorship opportunities for Fall 2017.


Mentorship Benefits


Thought leadership

  • Recognition as a mentor on Almaworks website and Angellist profile

  • LinkedIn endorsements and recommendations

  • Bragging rights to mentoring the top ten student startups in NYC (especially when they all take off) and being a mentor for a Columbia University program



  • Create lasting relationships with the best student entrepreneurs in NYC

  • Connect with fellow mentors that are also leaders in the startup community

  • Connect with major entrepreneurship players in the Columbia community

  • Connect with an increasingly valuable Almaworks and CORE alumni network

  • Invitation to all Almaworks sessions and events throughout the program



  • Firm logo featured as a sponsor on the CORE website

  • Firm logo featured as a sponsor on the Almaworks website

  • Firm logo featured as a sponsor on the Intercollegiate Pitch Off website


Fuzzy feeling you get when you give back

  • This is the perfect opportunity to give back to the NYC entrepreneurship community while at the same time creating and cementing valuable relationships with some of NYC’s brightest up-and-coming entrepreneurs, programmers, and hustlers


Additional mentorship benefits (on an as requested basis):



  • Unlimited passes to all future Almaworks Demo Days

  • Unlimited passes to all future Intercollegiate Pitch Off events

  • Priority access to CORE events and festivals. In the past, we’ve held events with people such as Peter Thiel (Paypal, Palantir), Jack Dorsey (Twitter, Square), Alexis Ohanian (reddit), and Drew Houston (Dropbox)



  • Priority placement on the CORE startup jobs board

  • Free on campus space reservations for firm events

  • Access to resume drops of Columbia students interested in entrepreneurship related opportunities

  • Free exhibition booths at startup expos

  • Promotion of firm events and materials through CORE social media that collectively reach 5,700+ followers and fans

  • Promotion of firm events and materials through CORE newsletters that collectively reach 7,000+ subscribers

  • Features of firm events and materials through Impulse, Columbia University’s startup and tech media outlet




  • Commitments to at least two (in person) appearances at Friday sessions from 2:45pm to 6pm

  • Alternatively, commitments to at least 6 hours of office hours remotely

  • Clear communication of scheduling conflicts and changes as soon as possible

  • Willingness to extend conversations that last beyond the Friday sessions

  • Frank and honest advice for the startups


The Mentorship Process (in-person)


Before your scheduled office hours

  • You will receive confirmation of your office hour dates shortly after you’ve filled out the poll with available times

  • A week before your office hours, you will receive an email reminder confirming your availability for office hours

  • Once confirmed, a signup sheet will be sent out to startups to reserve time slots for your office hours. These time slots are usually finalized by Thursday so you can see which slots are reserved by which startups

  • Two days before your office hours, you will receive an email reminder

  • The day before your office hours, you will receive an email and text reminder


The day of your scheduled office hours

  • Arrive at Columbia Startup Lab, Soho at 2:00pm to join the weekly roundtable discussion or at 2:45pm for your first scheduled office hour

  • Hold mentorship office hours throughout the day, meeting with the various teams that have reserved time for office hours. Often, not all office hours are booked so there will be room for breaks or for office hours to end early

  • Around 5pm, we will have free non-pizza dinner for all the mentors and startups.

  • Office hours officially end at 6pm.


Next Steps

Interested in joining the Almaworks family? Send an email to expressing interest in mentoring for the Fall 2017 term with a short bio attached. We'll follow up shortly!